Postgrad & ECR workshop

James Adam (1732–1794), Allan Ramsay (1713–1784). Laing Art Gallery.

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Interdisciplinarity in the Art Gallery

Led by Anne Fountain and Dr Claudine van Hensbergen 

This session is designed to assist postgraduates and early career scholars in thinking about external applications of their research in a gallery and museum context. Participants are requested to watch the pre-recorded presentation prior to the live Q&A session. 

Anne and Claudine will be speaking about how their collaboration began and the process of shaping their current AHRC-funded project, ‘Learning through the Art Gallery: Art, Literature & Disciplinarity’. Anne has years of experience in applying for external funding and working with academic and non-academic partners. Claudine is a current member of the AHRC peer review college and an AHRC Leadership Fellow. 

In the Q&A participants are invited to ask questions and advice which will be helpful to their own project plans and experience.  

Pre-Recorded Presentation: Learning through the Art Gallery: Art, Literature & Disciplinarity 

Participants may also wish to consult the project’s website and its RCUK record

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If you would like to ask Anne and Claudine a question, or make a comment, please ‘Leave a Reply’ in the comment panel below. If you are planning to attend the live Q&A for the session (see ‘Programme’), please indicate this so that we can respond to the question during the live session. We welcome comments and questions that relate to your own project ideas as we hope that this session will help others to develop successful partnership projects.

2 thoughts on “Postgrad & ECR workshop”

  1. Thanks Anne and Claudine, the project sounds like it really made a difference to the teachers’ and pupils’ learning experiences. How did you develop your workshops in line with the curriculum? Did you find that the needs of the schools were broadly similar across the eight schools e.g. were they all working with the same set texts?
    (I will be attending the live Q & A)

  2. Thanks so much for this, Anne and Claudine.

    I wonder if you could speak a bit more about the process of proposing your project to the AHCR, i. e. what steps were involved after submitting the proposal, and did the project change at all from the initial proposal to the actual project?

    I’m in the very early stages of developing an AHRC research grant proposal for an interdisciplinary project that I’m hoping to invite the Uffizi Gallery to be involved in, so any advice you could offer on the early stages of drafting the proposal, and seeing the proposal develop into the project, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (I will be attending the live workshop).

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